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647 Brewer Road

Morgantown, West Virginia 26508

House has been stripped down to the studs. New 200A Electric service is installed. Good Roof. Great 1.141 Acres Scenic Grounds. We have Kitchen Cabinets, New Central A/C and Furnace, Doors Vinyl windows, lumber, trim, and Frech Drains 70% completed. Ran out of funding. This Property has a pending lease on it, which is scaled @ 2,000 Per Month Yr. 1, and Yr. 2, and Increases to $3,000.00 per month for years 3, 4, & 5. Vetted financials on Business Lessee. ( A Halfway House & Addiction recovery center in North Central West Virginia. They wish to extend for another 10 Years term at $3,000.00 per month. Comps are valued between $180K-$240K. This property completed could surpass those at $300K projected valuation. Need EQ or debt Partner for a Low $60-$80K investment of Line of Credit. We will draw up LLC for EQ Partner share at 33% of all Net Operations Revenue. Debt Equity Partner, We are ready to offer 10% Paid Quarterly as Combined Principal/Interest Payment for a term of 10 Years. ROI on $60K Loan/Investment is 40 Quarters Payments of $6,000.00 per Quarter= $240,000.00! All proposed offering secured by First Line Lien-holder with no other Mortgage or loans against Property Title. Why are we offering , such high rates of partnerships? Time is of the essence! There is already a waiting list for the Lessee, and we do not want to lose their Lease. We also wish to offer a Great first deal, as we have 3-4 other Properties, The same Lessee want to Plan their Vetted Business Plan expansion to, and we need the backing, of a partner to get this all moving fast! Property acreage has an estimated $30K of Prime Standing Lumber to be sold, within 3 Months of contract. It feature additional building lots, for expansion. No Code enforcement of restrictions on Land Use, or building structures. Scenic Lot, with Natural Rock Gorge and Clear Grass fields. We are providing all of the Repair Materials and Equipment and labor. $80K estimated.

Property Info

Beds 9
Baths 2.5
Sqft (Living) 2900 sq ft.
Sqft (Lot) 6600 sq ft.
Year Built 1950
Deal Type Wholesale
Property Type Single Family
ARV $240,000
Estimated Rent 2000
Building Frame Construction