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Business Development

Burned-Out Solopreneur? How to Stop the Insanity (Part 1)

burnoutSome of you have heard of the mythical beast called a “soloprenuer”. It’s sorta like a centaur, with solo meaning “alone” and prenuer meaning “half entrepreneur”. Although not historically documented as a real thing, the Urban dictionary defines it as:

“An entrepreneur who works alone and runs their business single-handedly.”

I know, I know... it sounds a little freaky… But, rest assured, they do exist – I know, I used to be one. And today, expert Sean Terry is going to tell you how he metamorphosed from a freak-of-nature to a successful investor…

Soloprenuer: How Does it Even Happen?

It seemed like one day I was starting up my business and the next day I was doing a lot of deals… but also going crazy and beginning to really hate life. I was wearing all the hats, doing every operation all by myself.

One day I had a major realization when talking to my colleagues at “Collective Genius". These guys are masterminds and it wasn’t hard for them to help me see how ridiculously insane I was for running an entire business (two of them actually) all by myself.

Today, I basically focus on 3 things in my business. I have a lean, but amazing team who handles everything else for me—which allows me to work much less and even take the entire month of July off. Worth it all, I think.

Metamorphosis: Soloprenuer to Entrepreneur

So, do you want to know the process? Step in my cocoon, my friend, because you are about to learn how to get your wings (and regain your freedom). Listen to my video lesson and you will learn:

  • How I went from going crazy doing everything myself, to basically only doing three things today
  • How hard it was to mentally switch from spinning all the plates myself to hiring help
  • How to tackle the doubt that the people you hire probably won't do it as you do (you might even find someone who can do it better)
  • Who you hire first, second, third… and so on, and why
  • How to break your business down into recurring, duplicable tasks that you can hand-off.

Entrepreneur: Make it Happen

So now that you realize you can’t fly solo, how do you spread your wings and take that leap of faith? Here’s how:

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I hope that makes sense to you guys… Stay tuned for the Stop the Insanity: Part 2.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Decide it is time to make the transition from soloprenuer to entrepreneur.

Change your mindset that you are the only one that can do the job (look at these positions as investments).

Analyze your strengths.

Hire for the areas of weakness, making them recurring jobs.

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