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Business Development

Clearing Mental Energy: Do You Need a Business Phone # and Website?

callSo, you’re designing a mailer or an online ad, and you’ve included your cell phone number so that people can contact you…

Is that okay? Should you have a business phone line? Is the number you list even important?

Hey Moguls, Steve Howell here to tell you that the phone number or website URL in your ads is important. But don’t stress. There are plenty of great options—including free ones—that will lend credibility to your ads and hopefully help bring in leads.

In today’s video lesson, I’ll help you figure out which phone and website options are best for you right now, because the most important thing is that you take action. Remember, a perfect website won’t build your business on its own, and an imperfect website (or no website at all) won’t destroy your business.

So, press play to discover how these tools will help your business…

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Got any tips?

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Maintain Balance – Make sure you don’t burn out. Separate work and personal life by setting up a business phone number.

Add Credibility – Do what you can to make your business relatable. People will feel more confident if they recognize the area code on a flier or are able to visit a website to learn more.

Market First – Consider your budget and prioritize your marketing. You can always create a website or upgrade your business phone plan down the road. Focus on what will give you the greatest return now.

Get It Done – It doesn’t take that long to set up a business phone number. So get it done, today if possible. And then expend your energy on growing your business.

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