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Business Development

Deal Getting: Why You Should Play to Your Strengths

We can’t get enough of him, so we know you want more of the one and only Justin Wilmot as well!

We’ve previously heard from Justin in his awesome lessons about elevating your game, focusing on one type of deal and knowing your market (plus more terrific lessons you should check out from him). And our businesses were forever changed when Justin schooled us on how to become a 10-Hour Wholesaler in his crazy-good training call.

His knowledge is power, and he’s back for today’s video lesson with more profound insight about playing up your strengths.

Look, we’ve all got weaknesses. And despite his boyish good looks, even Justin’s got ‘em. But one of Justin’s keys to success lies in the practice of playing to your strengths. So here’s a question, straight up: Why would you do something you suck at? I mean really. If you’re terrible on the phone and scared to death to cold call, for example, why would you make it your marketing method of choice?

If you’re still in training pants or you simply don’t understand something or continue doing the work poorly… but you stay the course, you’re only going to end up crashing and burning. In the end, your reputation and your business will suffer immensely.

Justin’s all about finding what resonates with you, what sparks your interest and lights your fire, and then sticking to those things that you love AND you do well. He’s going to share some real-life examples of how he consistently did what he knew he could do well – plus, he’ll share some stories on how doing what you’re not so good at can bite you in the butt.

And then he’s gonna put all those stories, tips and experiences in a pot and boil them down to this: When you’re deciding between marketing and acquisition strategies, play to your strengths. It’s really that simple.

So here’s Justin to break it down for us. Enjoy...      

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Find your own path and stick to it.

Do what feels comfortable and grind, grind, grind away at it to get things done.

Be honest with yourself about your strengths and weaknesses.

Always play to your strengths and stick with what resonates with you.

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