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Business Development

Debt-Free Investing - A Simple, Down-to-Earth Plan

ball-and-chainIn this life, some of the best ideas are quickly dismissed as “impossible” for no other reason than the sheer simplicity of their brilliance.  We often find it difficult to believe that genius and modesty can coexist, tragically equating brilliance with complexity, and missing-out on some of life’s greatest treasures.

Today’s powerful lesson is designed to prevent you from overlooking one such treasure in your array of investment funding options: A simple, down-to-earth plan for acquiring ten rental properties in two years – without borrowing a dime from anybody or making a single interest payment to the bank.

That’s right.  Just think of today’s lesson as a refreshing oasis in the typically barren desert of elegantly modest investment ideas.  And prepare to be amazed at how easy it is to own an unleveraged portfolio of high-return rental properties.

aha-momentToo Good to Be True? Not Always...

While legendary composer Paul McCartney was riding the early waves of Beatlemania, he found himself haunted for several weeks by a certain melody that churned inside his brain on a daily basis.  By McCartney’s own account, he was so captivated by the beauty of this simple melody that he was reluctant to claim credit for its composition, fearing that he has subconsciously plagiarized someone else’s ingenious work.

As McCartney described in retrospect, "For about a month I went round to people in the music business and asked them whether they had ever heard it [the melody] before. Eventually it became like handing something in to the police. I thought if nobody claimed it after a few weeks then I could have it…

“So first of all I checked this melody out, and people said to me, 'No, it's lovely, and I'm sure it's all yours.' It took me a little while to allow myself to claim it, but then like a prospector I finally staked my claim; stuck a little sign on it and said, 'Okay, it's mine!'”

McCartney’s hauntingly simple little tune eventually turned into the song “Yesterday” – one of the most profitable singles McCartney ever composed, and now one of the most widely-covered songs in the history of recorded music.

seize-the-dayIt’s Lovely…and It’s All Yours!

Like Paul McCartney’s composition of a minimalistic musical masterpiece, you need to remember that brilliant flashes of lightning can occasionally be captured inside the most unpretentious of bottles, and when that happens, the opportunity is yours to seize – if you will only stake your claim and say, “This is mine.”

Debt-free investing guru Shaun McCloskey invites you to embrace one of these unique opportunities in today’s third installation of his multi-part campaign for financial freedom through real estate investing.

Have you missed Shaun’s first two interviews about debt-free real estate investing?  If so, check them out here:

Obviously, this guy knows a thing or two about debt-free investing, having personally sworn-off debt financing in his own real estate portfolio several years ago.  Check-out the following video and tune-in for Shaun’s best lesson yet.  And be sure to take notes as we dig deep into the heart of a flexible (and simple) alternative to mortgage financing.

From Shaun McCloskey, Debt-Free Investing Veteran…

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Plan – Create a specific plan for joint venture investing with private financial partners.  Be sure to include relationships and timelines which are aligned with your own goals for debt-free real estate investment success.

Network – Once your plan is finalized, go out and find one of the many suitable partners in this industry with cash to invest but no interest in granular property management responsibilities.

Execute - Have the chops to find a handful of solid deals, and get ready to invest your time wisely while managing a portfolio of joint venture properties for several years.

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