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Business Development

How to Quickly Determine a Property’s Value

mathIf you’re not making offers, how can you be successful?

I’m not talking about high-volume, blind offers. You know from my previous lesson that the shotgun method of doing deals isn’t the way to do business. My ‘one shot, one kill’ deal-getting and closing method, rather, is the way to go.

Simply put… you can’t make offers until you know values. And that’s what my video lesson is all about today.

Todd Dotson here, and my advice to you is simple: Save your money, and learn – right here and now – my quick, easy and efficient process – a global system (if you will) to determine property values. I call it my GBU Value System that will help you find the good, the bad, and yep - you guessed it – the ugly evaluations.

But first…

Nice to meet you (again)

So, this is my second rodeo with Mogul, and I’m thrilled to be back in the saddle! Let me remind you who I am…

You may know me as the founder of Tactical Real Estate, and here’s hoping you’ve heard by now about my investing philosophy - Get In, Get Out, and Get Paid. I try to keep my lessons and trainings, along with my business, reality-based with an emphasis on “buying and selling” to create immediate cash. I’m on a mission to get myself and my students paid! 

Part of getting paid includes getting a deal under contract for the right price based on its value…

You need to know what your properties are worth before you can make educated, intelligent offers. You need to know your plan of attack for that property as well. Are you fixing and renting or maybe fixing and moving in?

Here’s the thing… you can find comps to help determine property values, but spot checks – as I like to call them – aren’t time- or cost-effective. Realtors can pull comps at no cost, sure. But more often than not, Realtors will take their sweet ole’ time producing comps – because they can. You can hire paid services to find you comps or even pay for appraisals...

But why spend your hard-earned dollars when you don’t even have a deal yet? 

Answers to all that and more – plus you’ll learn how to deploy my GBU Value System in this video lesson. Get to it…

And there you have it, folks!

Once you deploy this simple system, you’ll know exactly what to offer on your hot properties. It works. It’s that simple. Now go out there and do it!

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Share this video with fellow investors, and help them self-evaluate their properties simply and quickly.

Know your property values, so you can make an educated offer.

Don’t put the cart before the horse – know your values before you make offers.

Save time and money by deploying by GBU Value System.

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