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Business Development

REI Biz or REI Hobby Pt 6: Tactical Action Plan

Hey Moguls, we’re back with the much-anticipated finale to this awesome series with David Corbaley.

We’ve been talking about whether to define our investing as a business or hobby, and today David is going to tell us how to make a plan of attack to get our business where we want it.

But first, if you missed the previous lessons, you might want to catch up (and we strongly recommend you do ‘cause there’s good stuff in those!):

Okie dokie, we should all be on the same page now...

We’ve learned how to differentiate and define our business, but how do we get our business to the future success we envision? Well, that’s a great question and it’s exactly what David is going to focus on.

The Killer Finale

In today’s awesome video lesson, you will learn

  • Effective goal planning: How it should be done and when to do it
  • Marketing strategies for the win: Why marketing is a must, and the best ways to do it
  • Bull’s eye targeting: Targeting and marketing to a direct mail audience successfully
  • Website Visibility: How to build a website to attract motivated sellers
  • Location, location, location: Why you should create local business listings
  • And much, much more that you will never know unless you watch the video

Sounds frickin’ terrific, right? Well it is, this is an awesome closer to our series! So press play, friends…

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Lemme Hear Ya

Any thoughts or questions as we wrap up this awesome series? Talk to me in the comments section below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Analyze your business.

Envision your future REI business.

Plan your goals.

Make an action plan.

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