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Business Development

REI Biz or REI Hobby: Which Is It?

Howdy, Moguls. Today we have an extra special treat for you guys. We’re really excited to welcome a brand spankin’ new expert, David Corbaley. David is coming in with a bang by challenging us to ask ourselves:

Do you run a legitimate real estate investing business or is it just a hobby?

(Oh, snap. No he didn’t!) Uh, yes he did…

And some of you are probably thinking… Wait a second, that’s actually something to think about. How do I know? What differentiates an REI hobby from an REI business?

Well in this lesson series, David is going to tell us exactly what criteria are needed to answer this question. But first, let’s give a warm welcome to our new Faculty Advisor…

Welcome Manly Man, David Corbaley

David spent nearly 10 years in the Army and joined the elite Special Forces, traveling the world and doing amazing things with his comrades. After he left the service in 1996, he worked several odd jobs until he was hired as a Seattle firefighter. Firefighting was an extraordinary experience for David, but there was another path he felt he needed to pursue – a career as an entrepreneur.

davidDavid wanted the freedom to be able to express his OWN creativity and get things done the way he wanted them done.

To that end, he now has multiple businesses throughout different fields including real estate, internet marketing and fitness. Sharing the information he’s learned over the years is one of his true passions. It gives him an amazing feeling to help someone overcome the hurdles that he remembers facing. And now, he’s thankfully here to help our Mogul community (yay!).

Watch and Learn

Well, we don’t want to spoil it all, but here’s a sweet sampling of all the good stuff you’ll learn about in this video lesson:

  • David’s full backstory in detail;
  • How David became a monster  entrepreneur (in a good way) and investor;
  • The criteria that differentiates an investing hobby from a business;
  • And much, much, more.

So are you ready to get this party started? Let’s get to it…

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Holla at us

Got any questions for our new advisor, David? He wants to hear from you in the comments section below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Learn what the difference is between an REI hobby and an REI business.

Categorize your investing as either a hobby or business.

Decide if you are happy with where you stand when it comes to investing.

Devise an action based on the results.

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