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Business Development

REI Outsourcing: What to Outsource First (and What NOT to)

not to outsourceIf you've dreamed of owning an “E-myth” style business, where you’re more business owner than technician…where you’re able to work on your business more than in it…then you’re going to love what you’re about to learn.

Today we continue our peek behind the Kimono of Joe McCall’s largely outsourced real estate investing business.

If you missed the first part of our revealing conversation, then you should really hear how Joe first cracked the code of outsourcing his business.

Some great stuff with solid takeaways there.

Today we’ll go a step further with Joe, and uncover:

  • What should investors outsource first?
  • What should investors outsource second?
  • What parts of the business should you not outsource to Virtual Assistants?
  • Contrasting the results of outsourced vs. non-outsourced biz components
  • A list of daily activities for your VA to do for you.
  • And a whole bunch more…

Bottom line: If you’re interested in learning the right way to go about outsourcing some part (or almost all) of your real estate investing business, then Joe’s someone worth paying close attention to and emulating. The guy’s simply done it right.

From Joe McCall, Business Development Advisor…

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps
  • Take in part one of this conversation, if you haven’t already.
  • Make a list of everything you do in your business (yes, everything - every little task)
  • From this list, make a “Stop Doing” list (things that aren't absolutely essential for you to do, that someone else could be trained to do)
  • Start aggressively finding someone else (i.e. outsource) for everything on the “Stop Doing” list (follow Joe’s lead)

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