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Business Development

When Should I Quit My Job & Go Full Time in Real Estate?

Look we're all in it to win it when it comes to our real estate investing game, right?

I mean, while there are exceptions, the fast majority of us get into this business with the dream of making enough money to do real estate investing full-time, and then to eventually go back to doing it part-time again, with enough income and wealth created so they can enjoy living a full-time life that they enjoy doing, and maybe doing real estate deals just for the fun of it.

But the first step for most people is simply getting out of the J-O-B, and when to actually when to actually quit their job is often one of the questions a lot of investors really agonize over. 

We recently asked Mogul faculty Steve Cook for his sage advice in answering this very question: "When should I quite my job and go full time?". Steve's lives the life most are still dreaming of, and he's been teaching and mentoring students for 13+ years on how to make great money in real estate, including how and when the right time is to quit your job.

Here's his full, unscripted answer...

From Steve Cook, Business Development Adviser...  

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps
  • Calculate: How much it would really take for you to live for a year
  • Save: Start socking away a year's worth of living expenses
  • Consider: How could you temporarily reduce your living expenses/lifestyle to accelerate the process?
  • Setup: A "payroll" account and cut yourself a consistent check every 2 weeks (regardless of how much you make) and live within those means
  • Adjust: Get in the habit of living based on your "paycheck" rather than the deal
  • Refill: Every time you do a deal, replenish your "payroll" account

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