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3 Secrets to Winning with Bandit Signs (And Other Totally Illegal Ways to Advertise)

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banditFrom Preston Ely, The King of Wholesaling …

The following are my tips for optimizing your bandit sign marketing campaigns. I’m not going to bother making a case for using bandit signs right now. Suffice to say, yes, they still work. You may be tempted to think old school = old farty nonsense. And you would be wrong.

Unless you have money to put up billboards, any wholesaler serious about enjoying steady deal flow needs to consistently deploy bandit signs out all over your city. And you need to do this for the simple reason that they work.

So here are three secrets that will help you crush it with bandit signs. They’re really more like awesome tips, but I call them “secrets” because it’s a fancy copywriting trick to hypnotize you into reading the awesomeness on the page here.

See, it worked. You’re reading. Keep going.

Secret #1 – Quantity

Personally I like imaginary numbers when it comes to quantities. Like “fajillions” of bandit signs. But they tend to be hard to work with in real life, which is where we are, unfortunately. They are very much like rogue unicorns in this respect.

So I’ll just say, “the more the merrier” when it comes to the number of signs to put out. If you can afford to do a thousand at a time (I’m not kidding), then do a thousand at a time. You’ll enjoy making a fajillion dollars in only a week. Ask me how I know that.

But you need to do at least 50 per week. Preferably 100. Anything less and you’re not really trying.

mapSecret #2 – Locality

You need to put 50 signs out per “general vicinity.” Do not put 50 signs out all over your city. Focus on one area of your city and saturate that area. For a weekend. Put them out Friday nights so they at least stay up over the weekend while the Sign Police are off duty.

Legal Disclaimer: If putting signs out in your area of the country is illegal – I don’t care.

Obviously do not put signs where cars will pass them at speeds of 120 miles an hour. That is ridiculous. They should only go where cars have to stop (stop lights, stop signs, off/on ramps of interstates, etc.).

And you want your signs to go in lower to middle income areas (can someone sue me for saying that?). In case you didn’t already know this, the cheaper the house, the easier it is to sell these days. At least where I’m doing deals. So personally we (my team) don’t focus our time on expensive houses right now. Cheaper is better.

Finally, do not put them around police stations, Area 51, at the bottom of lakes, in the hands of magical forest nymphs, or anywhere near active volcanoes.

Secret #3 – Homosexuality

Sorry. I was trying to think of another word that rhymed with the first two tips, and that was all I could come up with. This tip actually has nothing to do with same sex relationships. It’s about the decoration of the signs. But now actually I think I’m beginning to see how this all ties in.

I like handwritten signs. I feel like they get more phone calls. If you do not feel like hand writing signs, then you can order them custom made with a handwritten font.

They should say this:


I’ll Buy Your
(813) XXX-XXXX

…or this:

We Buy Houses
(813) XXX-XXXX

The phrase “right now” is a hypnotic word pairing. Internet marketers and copywriters use it often to get people to act.

I also learned just this week that if you insist of having custom made signs with regular font, BLUE INK produces the best results. Blue words on white background. The human eye can see the color blue the easiest.

Also just in, studies show that INVISIBLE INK has been shown to be the most difficult to see. Just to test this theory, I am going to write the next highly controversial paragraph in all invisible ink.

inkIt’s like I can kinda make it out, but then I mostly can’t at all. I don’t know. Do what you want.

Secret #4 – Coolness Bonus! Don’t Do Bandit Signs

At least don’t do them yourself.

Seriously, hire someone else to do it. Your time is worth like a bajillion dollars, and you already juggle a ton of responsibilities, so the last thing you need to do is waste precious time running around town with dozens of signs and a hammer if you can help it.

So act like a legit business owner. Whip out Craigslist, find some college kid who needs extra beer money and pay him $1 per sign plus gas to make it happen for you.

Also, use this sweet program we’ve already told you about to awesomely automate the management of your bandit sign slaves… I mean “helpers”.

Now go make it happen! No one’s gonna do it for you!


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Appreciate the Power of Bandit Signs – Don’t doubt the power of a good bandit sign strategy for your wholesaling business.

Maintain a High Volume – Erect at least 50 bandit signs per week; preferably 100.

Maintain High Concentrations – Rather than spreading your bandit signs across the city, allocate at least 50 signs per “general vicinity.”  Focus on one area of your city and saturate that area.

Use Strategic Font, Verbiage & Colors – Use a handwritten font on your bandit sign, being sure to include the words “right now” and blue-on-white lettering.

Delegate – Since you probably have more important things to do than peppering your region with bandit signs, delegate this work to someone else.

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