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An Old School 'Twist' That Closes 100 Deals a Year

Want our secret lead generation strategy that even the "GURUS" don't know about? Get our specific proven advice that will work in YOUR market today!

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twistWe have a great video lesson today with a super successful real estate investor. We are pumped to call her one of our new Faculty Advisors here at Mogul and she’s already shared some awesome advice in one of our Live Mogul Training Calls.

Dwan Bent-Twyford has 25 long years of REI experience under her belt and we are lucky that she’s willing to share her best and only marketing strategy with all of us.

You may think she’s a bit nutty because she only uses this one marketing tactic. Yep, this is the only thing she does to market. But it gets nuttier…

She spends only one day a month putting out this type of marketing material. Yep, you read that right. And there’ still more…

From this one tactic, that only takes one day to do, Dwan fields 300 calls per month, which means she’s got 300 potential deals.

You want to know what this is, right? Here’s a clue with a little trivia…

Did you know that banks have so many foreclosures to work on, that most foreclosure houses sit vacant for more than 12 months before the bank can even process it? Crazy, right!?

How about this insane fact…one of the biggest banks in the US spends $44 million a month just to maintain those vacant foreclosures. I bet we just blew your mind!

You’ve gotta listen in to hear how Dwan is taking advantage of that vacant house situation. Mogul head honcho JP even shares his own personal and funny story regarding this strategy.

errorDwan of a New Day

Dwan knows REI, period. She and her husband, Bill, have closed more than 2000 deals running their own powerhouse company. They’ve also written two best-sellers and are featured regularly in two REI magazines - RealtyTrac and Realty411.

Dwan has shared the stage with Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, and has appeared on several TV programs including MSNBC and Fox & Friends.

So it’s obvious she knows her stuff, and sure, she’s tried other marketing strategies like using Facebook, but she went back to this one tactic that she tells about – an oldie but a goodie.

And it’s been very good to her, it’s the only marketing method she uses and it allows her to close 100 deals a year

But she doesn’t leave us hanging, she also tells us exactly how to respond when the leads come calling (and they will!) from this type of marketing – its bold, you’ll wanna hear what she says!

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Go Old School – Tune in to this video lesson to hear why using an old school marketing tactic may be the giant REI treasure chest you’ve been waiting to unearth.

Drive Around Your Neighborhood of Interest – Scope out the areas you want to do deals in and look for vacant houses where you can utilize this marketing tactic.

Know How to Respond to Callers from this Marketing Lead – Take note of Dwan’s bold and ballsy response that she gives to people who call her regarding the vacant properties. It’s juicy!

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