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An Old School 'Twist' That Closes 100 Deals a Year

Want our secret lead generation strategy that even the "GURUS" don't know about? Get our specific proven advice that will work in YOUR market today!

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twistWe have a great video lesson today with a super successful real estate investor. We are pumped to call her one of our new Faculty Advisors here at Mogul and she’s already shared some awesome advice in one of our Live Mogul Training Calls.

Dwan Bent-Twyford has 25 long years of REI experience under her belt and we are lucky that she’s willing to share her best and only marketing strategy with all of us.

You may think she’s a bit nutty because she only uses this one marketing tactic. Yep, this is the only thing she does to market. But it gets nuttier…

She spends only one day a month putting out this type of marketing material. Yep, you read that right. And there’ still more…

From this one tactic, that only takes one day to do, Dwan fields 300 calls per month, which means she’s got 300 potential deals.


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