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Clever Investor Reveals His Matchless Marketing Mojo Part 2

Want our secret lead generation strategy that even the "GURUS" don't know about? Get our specific proven advice that will work in YOUR market today!

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Today we continue our revealing "Best Deal-Getters" series, in which we grill one active, successful investor on exactly where and how they're getting their best deals right now.

We’re continuing our conversation with clever investor Cody Sperber, who averages around 5-10 deals/month in a handful of different markets across the U.S. Cody’s done all manner of deals at this point, and in my view, really excels at innovative thinking and beating the ever living pants off his competition.

In Part one, Cody revealed his #1 and #2 best sources for deals in the current market, including his ugly "magic bullet" postcard that always gets him 2-3% response rate, and his somewhat creepy "mortuary" tactic. If you missed part one, you should definitely check it out here first.

In this lesson you'll learn:

  • Top deal-getters: #3 and #4 revealed in detail
  • Bandit signs in today’s arena: Learn Cody’s new spin on this old school staple, and how he’s completely avoiding all the usual hassle factors
  • Learn his exact, proven bandit strategy: How many, how much, how often, size, colors, etc.
  • Avoiding the 2 biggest bandit mistakes: The ones most investors make that sour their results
  • But aren't bandit's illegal? A frank, honest discussion
  • His sweet, ninja tactic: How he's quickly, cheaply blanketing an entire neighborhood with his marketing (no one else is doing this)
  • Slightly weird: The surprising results he's been getting lately with a non-traditional marketing message he's been testing
  • Outsourcing his "street" marketing: Who's doing it, exactly what they're doing, what he's paying them, how much, how often, etc.
  • Cody's take on bird dogs: Are they still viable today?

{Mogul Elite: Download a transcript of this video, plus examples of Cody's proven bandit signs and Post-It Notes in the Power Pack Tools for this lesson.}

From Cody Sperber, Deal-Getting Advisor...




Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps
  • Get yourself a batch of awesome bandits. (SuperCheapSigns.com)
  • Deploy as prescribed. Put an ad on Craigslist to hire someone to do all the actual legwork, following Cody's example explained above.
  • Get some awesome Post-Its made up and start blanketing neighborhoods. (steal Cody's template and use his printer www.Flaire.com or call 866-428-9611)

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