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Deals from Thin Air: The Art of Transaction Engineering

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scientistHey, Moguls, we’ve got a terrific video lesson today with a huge chunk of solid info. REI guru Franklin Cruz and I are talkin’ shop about the art of transaction engineering.

It is one of the greatest and most profitable skills you can bring to the REI table.

This isn’t your Mama’s plain vanilla ho-hum approach. It’s the ability to engineer a transaction by creating unexpected opportunities to uniquely meet the needs of your motivated sellers and/or buyers that creates a winning deal for you and them.

The thing is though, you’ve gotta dream up an amazingly creative deal, but still be able to explain it to your potential buyer in a way that’s easy to understand.

An example of transaction engineering could be, rather than simply making an all-cash, wholesale offer, you present three different offers simultaneously:

1. A low, all-cash offer

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