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How I Get "House Hunters" to Bring Me All My Deals

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sleuthToday we’ve got a really interesting video lesson about a new approach that we haven’t heard much about…

We frequently invite our esteemed mogul faculty advisors to tell us what’s working best for them right now in the great, big (awesome!) world of real estate investing.

And REI business owner Franklin Cruz gave us an interesting answer for his number 1 deal-getting strategy.

He recruits everyday people to find him deals and bring the info to his team. He calls these recruits “House Hunters.” Pretty cool, right?

Using House Hunters is so effective for Franklin that he’s created the House Hunter’s Academy: Training sessions in which he trains his recruits how to be good Hunters and get the specific info he needs about the properties. He’s even drafted a script so Hunters know exactly what to say and how to communicate effectively. And he throws in some webinars for good measure.

His unique approach is a major lead machine.

You’ve gotta tune in because Franklin breaks the whole thing down for us and further discusses loads of useful stuff including:

  • How this differs from “bird dogging;”
  • What the arrangement with House Hunters is;
  • What “Drive for Dollars Hunters” are how he got his DFD Hunters’ postcard system to bring in an incredible 30/1 response rate, which blows away the national rate of 100/1;
  • How he’s using a super old school strategy, which is working like gangbusters all over again;
  • How he’s trained his Hunters to look for the right kinds of houses, exactly how to submit the leads to him, and how much he pays them;
  • How he’s actually got his Hunters paying HIM for the privilege of bringing him deals;
  • And so much more awesome info!

That’s Sergeant Cruz

Franklin is referred to as the Real Estate Drill Sergeant for two reasons: He’s always on top of people, taking action to get deals done and he was a sergeant in the U.S. Army. His military background and some personal tragedies he endured as a kid gave him the drive he has today to succeed.

He started his own business from the ground up and is now a successful entrepreneur specializing in REI. He’s made several TV appearances and also wrote a book about REI. He tells us he crafted his unique business model around the lifestyle he wants for himself and his family and then wrapped the business aspects around that. And boy is it working for him – he’s actually simultaneously managing business in four markets.

Listen in as Franklin talks about how important communication is, why he hates the term birddogging, and what the compensation structure is for his Hunters that keeps him out of hot water with the real estate commission…

Getting good deals is one of the most important things any good investor needs to know how to do. It is a core fundamental skill... be sure to tune in as Franklin tells us how it’s done.

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Learn and Implement These Strategies – We say that a 30 to 1 response rate is way better than 100 to 1, so follow Franklin’s approach and hop on the lead generating bandwagon!

Hire Hunters – Franklin admits that his business wouldn’t be doing as well if it wasn’t for his Hunters. Use his model and hire some Hunters to help bring in leads.

Bring it Back to Basics – In our tech-heavy society, sometimes we forget the basic foundation of REI, which is all about effective communication. Make sure your Hunters know exactly what to say to bring in the info you need about properties.

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