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How I Get My Best Deals Today (The Frank Edition)

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dealToday we continue our popular series about How I Get My Best Deals Today (affectionately known as “H.I.G.M.B.D.T.”), in which we explore the most profitable dealmaking strategies currently employed by Mogul’s hottest faculty members.

If you’re just now tuning into this series, you may want to check-out some of our previous installments from the last year:

Today we sit down with none other than Frank Cava, the uber-adaptable REI veteran who runs a very successful and profitable investment company in the land of Jefferson.

Those of you who have been around for a few months may remember Frank from his recent Mogul Live training call about 4 “Street Smart” Ways to Raise Capital.

cavaWhy Frank?

Frank is an experienced investor who has personally landed more than 200 real estate deals in the wholesaling, rental and short sale arenas. And his team of skilled employees at Cava Capital, LLC has closed more than $1 billion in real estate transactions through their work with the largest home builders, land developers and real estate agencies on the East Coast.

Impressive, right?  We thought so, too…

…which is why we called on dear ole’ Frank to shed some light on finding the best deals.

So tune-in to the video below as Frank explains what he thinks is the best way to find leads, regardless of whether you’re an experienced investor or if you’re a newbie.  And pay close attention to the surprising methodology on which his team relies.

Frank Cava explains how he gets his best deals today …

{Mogul Elite: Download a transcript and MP3 of this lesson in the Power Pack tools for this lesson – as well as a copy of Frank’s sample postcard.}


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Formulate A Plan – Decide the path you want your real estate investing to go and plan how to take it there. Planning is key.

Find Leads – Network with realtors and other investors, post online with Facebook and Craigslist and utilize signage and direct mail to bring in leads and deals.

Create Advertising Collateral  – Use signage and direct mail such as yellow letters and postcards to attract valuable leads.

Be Flexible –Have more than one method of generating leads and deals; some work better than others depending upon your situation.

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