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1 Stealthy Strategy for Getting Private Money

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ninjaFrom Patrick Riddle, Private Money Guru...

Today I want to share a “secret ninja strategy” with you that’s directly responsible for getting me and many others millions in private money. And it’s something you can use to “sell people” into your private money program without them even knowing about it!

How’s that sound?

I’ve used this myself over and over through the years, as have students all over the country. And let me tell you: IT WORKS.

First, let me remind you of the 4 types of people most likely to lend you money.

They are:

  1. People who already know and trust you
  2. People who know a good deal when they see one
  3. People who know others who’ve already invested with you
  4. People who are self-employed and/or business owners

Who This Strategy Is Ideally Suited For

This strategy is tailor made for folks in Group #1: People with whom you already have a relationship of some sort – who know and trust you.

awkwardNow you’re probably thinking: “No way! I’m not going to be that guy – the one who approaches all my friends and family members to uncomfortably share my ‘opportunity’ with! Yikes!”

Trust me, I get it. I know how uncomfortable those types of encounters can typically be.

The fact is no one really likes approaching people they know and trying to “sell them” on something. The whole experience can range from awkward and uncomfortable to downright agonizing, and nearly everyone I’ve ever talked to about it feels exactly the same way.

What to do?

Well my secret, ninja technique is all about eliminating this very thing for you – it’s all about helping you not feel like you’re coming across as a salesman. We’re talking zero sales pressure – and it’s really a beautiful thing! Quite honestly, I’ve found this the easiest, least awkward way to share about your private money program, and even “sell” them into it, without them even realizing it.

Here’s the scenario…

We’ve known someone for a good while and have an established level of trust and rapport with each other – all the trimmings of a good, personal relationship. And let’s say it’s someone who’s not even fully aware of what our real estate business is like – maybe just a cursory knowledge that I do something with real estate.

callMy approach would be to call them up, invest a few minutes catching up, then eventually at some point I’ll say something like this:

“You know what? You may not even know about it yet, but I’ve been dabbling in some real estate. I’m actually just getting things off the ground, and I was wondering if you could help me out…I was wondering if I could share with you a presentation I’ve put together about what I’m doing, and really just get your honest opinion on it, and maybe some candid feedback from you? Is that something you think you could maybe help me out with for a few minutes sometime?”

That’s it! That’s my secret, ninja technique!  And here’s why it’s such a beautiful thing…

1) You’re asking them to “help you out”

These are magical words. Essentially all you’re doing is setting up a time to get together with them and get their honest feedback. And most of the time, friends are glad to help you out, and even honored that you’d respect their opinion enough to want to hear what they think.

So you can meet them and go through the whole shebang with no sales pressure whatsoever. Just share your best “presentation” and then ask for their honest, constructive criticism.

2) And they may just bite!

If they’re a legit prospect…the light bulb will go on by itself. At some point during or afterward, your they may just turn to you and say,

“You know what? I may just be interested in helping you out with something like this… I have a little money sitting around, earning a paltry nothing for me, and…”

Obviously there’s no guarantee they’ll be interested – just like any other presentation you might give. But let the presentation do all the heavy lifting for you. The pressure’s off you – because, after all, this is a “dry run” and you’re honestly asking for their feedback. 

winWorst Case: They’ll actually give you feedback. And when they give it, you should actually listen (carefully) and maybe even use it to sharpen your presentation for the next time.

Best Case: They might just want to invest a chuck of money with you, or know someone else who would!

Now Go Try It!

Oh, I can hear your internal dialogue now. Don’t let yourself give in to the limiting belief that says, “Aw, shucks…that kind of thing works for Patrick, but it won’t really work for me.”  Everyone thinks that!  Until you try it. TRY IT.

I can tell you it’s worked exactly this way for me more than once over the years, and as more and more people try this handy little tactic out, I keep hearing from people all over the country that it’s working for them, too.

And, remember, once you give it a go and it actually works for you, let me know! I love hearing success stories!  Now go make it happen.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Swallow Your Pride – Swallow your pride and realize that your marketing presentation for private money partners is probably less than perfect.

Ask a Friend for Help – Call a friend and ask them to please provide constructive criticism regarding your marketing presentation for private money partners.

Enjoy a “Win-Win” Scenario – Enjoy helpful feedback and/or new fundraising leads as your marketing presentation is shared with a wider audience.

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