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Getting Into Your Private Lender's Pants (Pocket) - Part 3 ("Stealing Home")

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dateIn many ways, finding a private lender is like reliving the awkwardness of dating all over again.

Many investors lack the confidence of knowing how or when to make the right moves. And most are terrified of rejection.

Fortunately for us, Jason Medley has agreed to share another one of his no-fail techniques in today's lesson, including a downloadable sample of his helpful LLC Operating Agreement (for Mogul Elite members only) …

In the first and second lessons of this series, Jason taught you how to coax a private lender by offering both (i) a deed in lieu and (ii) cross-collateralization.

Today we conclude this series by learning how to make the lender feel secure and “seal the deal” by:

  • Assuring them you have their best interest at heart
  • Explaining how an LLC Operating Agreement will work
  • Minimalizing their risk
  • Providing solutions to avoid the foreclosure process
  • Providing insights about how their money is never truly spent and is considered Capital

But first…

jasonLet’s recap exactly why Jason is the man for advice about private fundraising for real estate investments…

The Money Man with a Plan: Jason Medley

Jason (“The Money Man”) Medley knocks the fundraising ball out of the proverbial park for several reasons:

  • He has raised over $200 million in funds for real estate investors just like you.
  • He is a leading member of The Collective Genius, a mentoring group that includes 40 of the most successful investors around.
  • He is one of the nation’s leading transactional funders, closing 25-30 deals a month.
  • He is a pioneer of the No Money Down niche and kept it alive in today’s market.

So… If you want to know the details on exactly how to round third base and steal home with a private lender, check-out Jason’s plan.

Jason Medley helps you “seal the deal” with your private lender…

{Mogul Elite: Download a transcript and MP3 of this lesson, along with a sample version of Jason Medley's LLC Operating Agreement, in the Power Pack tools for this lesson.}


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Explain – Explain to the lender that you can partner together in an LLC and they can contribute capital funds as the investment.

Assure – Make the lender feel secure by assuring them that you have their best interest at heart and will minimalize their loss by making yourself the defaulting party in the contract.

Inform – Inform the lender that since you are the defaulting party, they will receive all rights to the property and they will not lose their investment. Instead of going through the foreclosure process, they can sell the property and get back their investment.

Explain – Explain the whole process thoroughly to make sure the lender understands and feels comfortable that their investment is covered.

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