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How I Got Private Money in 15 Seconds

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where is my moneyWe’ve got another riveting video lesson where you’ll get to be a fly on the wall of our conversation with Mr. Franklin Cruz. Franklin is known as the one and only “Real Estate Drill Sergeant.” If you’re not familiar with Franklin, well, where the heck have you been? Trust us, you wanna know this guy and listen to all the awesome info he gives….

Drop and Give Him 20

Franklin has tons of experience in condo conversions and fix and flip deals. Since he thrives on creative financing deals and has acted as a private lender, he’s definitely one to listen to when it comes to understanding the concepts behind how to get your hands on private money.

This veteran investor has done a bunch of lessons and live training calls with us so we know you’ll gain an incredible wealth of knowledge from everything he shares.  Each of these lessons is action-packed and content-rich.

We’re Springboarding

Today’s lesson spring-boards from Franklin’s previous lesson called, “How I get Sellers to Sell Themselves,” in which he talks about how he did a $7K flip. In that lesson he explained:

  • How to resolve tricky deal issues.
  • How you can deal with the seller’s pain.
  • How you can get sellers sell themselves on you.

It’s an amazing concept to learn how to get sellers to do this without them even realizing they’re doing it. Great stuff!

Nuts and Bolts for Securing Private Lenders

In today’s video lesson, you’re going to hear about how Franklin secured private money for one deal in about 15 seconds. It’s probably not what you think; but it’s really cool.  

He talks about a crowdfunding website for private lenders that you may not have heard about.  He also hands off some strong ideas for securing private lenders.

So, without further ado, let’s tune in and see what Franklin has to say.

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Be Purposeful: Don’t leave gathering possible private investors to chance.

Be Diligent: When a contact is made, enter contact information in your phone or email list with keywords so they can be quickly accessed.

Take the First Step: Seek out prospects at REI meetings.

Use Social Media: Use sites like Facebook and Twitter to let people know what you’re doing.

Talk to People You Already Know: Think of people in your sphere who may have money but no time to invest, or they have knowledge of real estate investing.

Commit to Becoming Organized:  Simple but profound – the more organized you are, the quicker you can find private lenders the moment you need them.

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