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Portfolio Lenders: How to Break All the "Rules" (Legally)

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calvinSo you don’t like to play by the rules, eh?

You march to the beat of a different drummer, and you’d rather jump in a lake than conform to somebody else’s rigid standards?

Good!  You are a rare breed – a creative investor in an industry oversaturated with traditionalists and “yes” men.  And your business needs reflect the unconventional out-of-the-box thinking which made America great in the first place.

Yes, it is true that many people will try to force your hand in the real estate game – especially certain lenders – but don’t think for a single second that you must compromise your innovative spirit in order to thrive.  In some instances, you can break the rigid “rules” of the status quo to enjoy customized business solutions, tailored specifically for your needs.

calvinballPortfolio Lenders Can Help You Make It Up as You Go

When it comes to funding for real estate deals, conventional megabank lenders are often unable to accommodate your business’ specific needs, due to a variety of restrictive financing protocols.  And yet many small investors resign themselves to the tragic misconception that there are no other options for raising capital.

Sadly, this process of “selling-out” to “the man” stifles the joy of entrepreneurial investing and replaces profitable ingenuity with a stagnant play-by-the-rules mentality.

Fortunately, portfolio lenders are available to accommodate you in ways that conventional lenders cannot.

As in the fictional game of Calvinball (from Bill Waterson’s iconic Calvin and Hobbes cartoon series), portfolio lenders are essentially able to make up the rules as they go, unlike their stodgier conventional lending counterparts.  If you have unique investing strategies (which you probably do), and if your business has unique financing needs (which it probably does), a portfolio lender is much more flexible to create new lending arrangements to suit your situation.  Rather than forcing you into a cookie-cutter system of rules and regulations, these relatively unregulated financiers can help you “have it your way”.

susanSusan Lassiter-Lyons Can Point You In the Right Direction

Famous in real estate investing circles as the "Funding Specialist", Real Estate Mogul’s own Susan Lassiter-Lyons knows a thing or two about portfolio lenders.  In addition to being an investor herself, Susan is also the author of Mortgage Secrets for Real Estate Investors and Flipping Fortune, as well as the founder and editorial manager of TheInvestorInsights.com and GettingTheMoney.com…  So this certainly ain’t her first rodeo.

Today Susan takes us on an enlightening tour of the landscape for real estate financing alternatives, and she explains why portfolio lenders might be perfect for rule-breakers like you.

From Susan Lassiter-Lyons, the “Funding Specialist”…

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Understand – Understand that conventional lenders (Bank of America, Wells Fargo, etc.) are relatively inflexible in their financing arrangements, due to compliance with federal guidelines.

Investigate – Rather than wrestling with conventional lenders, investigate how portfolio lenders can better accommodate your business by (i) visiting TheCommunityBanker.com and/or (ii) approaching local lenders in your area.

Enjoy – Enjoy a broader range of financing options for your REI deals.

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