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The Only 2 Private Funding Structures I Use

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Hello Moguls! Our good friend and genius REI guy, Patrick Riddle, has gone and done it again. He continues to provide us all with interesting and super-helpful investing info.

We’ve gotten lots of questions about Private Money and specifically, how to structure a deal involving private money…

Have no fear, Patrick is here to answer that riddle (see what I did there with the play on his name?!) and give us the goods. Read on, friends.

How do I Structure Private Money Loans?

I hear from people fairly often who feel a little “fuzzy” on how to best structure their private money (PM) loans. So today I’d like to offer a little helpful insight, using a couple of our students as willful guinea pigs.

The fact is, there are really two PM loan structures that I (and most every investor I know) use regularly: Equity investment or debt investment.

Private Money Structuring – Equity vs. Debt

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