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Private Money Demystified Part 1: Targeting the Right People

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private money findingIf the idea of asking people for private money for your real estate deals gives you that queasy feeling -- if the process seems entirely complicated and intimidating, then this lesson's for you.

This is part one of a three part lesson series on demystifying the private money getting process, from Mogul faculty Susan Lassiter-Lyons. 

Susan's been a real estate investor since 1994, has raised $26.2 million in private money since 2004, has articipated in 600 real estate transactions as an investor, broker, lender, advisor or syndicator, and has trained and coached 5,128 investors since 2009.

So yeah, she knows her stuff.

In this lesson Susan will introduce you to something she calls the "I-Cubed Private Money Framework", and how she uses it to completely simplify the private money getting process. You'll learn: 

  • The 3 types of people most likely to be your funding partners
  • How to come from a position of strength rather than weakness with your funding partners
  • One powerful, fear-quenching mindset shift
  • How "Cousin Clay" completely busted her own mental myth about private money
  • How to be sure you're SEC compliant in your approach

From Susan Lassiter-Lyons, Funding Adviser...

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps
  • Start warm. With people who already know you. Jot down 20-50 people you might be able to introduce your opportunity to.
  • Don't pre-judge. Stop assuming they don't have the money or know someone else who does.
  • Use different words. Stop calling them private money "lenders" and start calling them funding "partners" instead. Puts you in a position of strength rather than weakness physchologically.
  • Change your mind. Stop thinking you're asking to borrow money; Start thinking in terms of inviting people to partner and make money with you.
  • First get just one. Stop assuming you need many funders or a huge chunk of money available to get started. Sometimes all you need is one partner with a couple hundred thousand on tap.
  • Short cut. Use Freedomsoft to tap directly into the local cash buyers.
  • Mail. Setup an SEC-friendly direct mail campaign for making "referrals" (see video for specifics)
  • Watch more. Tune in to parts two and three of this lesson series!

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