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Inner Game

3 Time Hacks for Getting More Done Every Day

flux capacitor, baby!From JP Moses, Director of Awesome...

So how are you at managing your time?

When you don’t have much going on in your life, it doesn't really matter how much – or little – you get done in a given day, does it? I’m thinking of those endless summers as a kid I spent cruising around on my bike and playing army all day, and mastering Super Mario or the Legend of Zelda all night.

Well welcome to grown up life as a small business owner, where winning demands that you redeem your time and find ways to blast through self-limiting behaviors – like time inefficiency, for example – to move beyond the inertia that keeps crippling you from reaching your goals.

Confession: I Can Be a Really Awesome Time Waster

That’s right, I've been known to struggle with personal productivity and time management. Keep me away from Facebook and YouTube during the day, for example. Left to my own devices, I can find endless ways to spin my wheels until I've dug a deep rut of procrastination and…

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