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Inner Game

5 More Things That Help You Crush It

truckThere is far too much deliberate mediocrity in the world.  Too many sellouts are making conscious decisions to “settle” for that which is average, easy, comfortable and boring – both inside and outside of the real estate business.

Are you one of them?

Have you simply given up?  Did you fail in your previous pursuits of excellence, surrendering yourself to a life of quiet resignation and despair?  If so, then there’s probably nothing we can say to bring you back from your exile of self-imposed mediocrity.  (But please let the rest of us know when you decide to grow up!)

Or, perhaps, have you continued to “fight the good fight”? Tenaciously striving for excellence each day, even though you are constantly relegated to mediocrity by a barrage of frustrating setbacks?  If so, then take heart, you rarest of breeds!  Help is on the way!

coryYou May Be Overlooking One (or More) of Cory Boatright’s Keys to Success

If you are not feeling satisfied in your relentless pursuit of excellence, then you have likely overlooked one (or more) of the basic ingredients for success.  In today’s lesson, Mogul faculty advisor Cory Boatright builds upon his previous lesson by explaining 5 more of the “10 success keys” he's discovered in his own entrepreneurial journey thus far.

These are the strategies Cory has learned through his own school of hard knocks, and from the patterns he has noticed in others who have achieved wild levels of business and personal success. These are also Cory's answer to the "victim mentality" that is so rampant in America today.

Of course, you may be asking, (or you may have forgotten),“Why should I care about what Cory has to say regarding success?”

Great question.  Here’s why you should care…

Not only is Cory one of Real Estate Mogul’s primary “mindset” advisors, but here’s a sample of some amazing successes he has enjoyed thus far in his 36 years on earth:

  • listLinkedin voted Cory in the Top 1% of 200 million “Most Viewed” profiles.
  • Cory has been published in the Wall Street Journal.
  • Cory’s three books became best sellers.
  • Fast Company voted Cory #4 in the world for "Most Influential Marketers Online".
  • Harvard University asked Cory to speak to their business class.
  • Cory defeated thyroid cancer. (His most proud and grateful accomplishment.)
  • Cory created a mobile app development business doing revenue of $1 million in less than a year.
  • Cory’s mobile App "iTalkfast" did over 200,000 downloads.
  • Cory has climbed part of the Great Wall in China, and walked tigers in Thailand.

Impressive, huh?

Well, Cory will be the first to assure you that his (ever-growing) list of accomplishments did not happen by chance.

No, Cory’s life reflects an intentional commitment to success, and certain variables demand his constant consideration.

Cory Boatright describes five more of these success factors in today’s lesson…

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Believe, Don’t Sell – Believe in yourself and your ability to help other people, rather than “selling” yourself.

Reverse Engineer Your Success – Start every project with the end result in mind, and focus on reverse engineering your success.

Stay Excited – Manage your continuing education in a way that keeps you excited about learning new things.

Choose Humility, Rather than Egomania – Be a humble person, rather than an egomaniac.

Decide (Quickly) – Make a conscious decision to be successful – and do it quickly!

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