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Inner Game

A Good and Violent Plan

fearThomas Jefferson said it best, “Why put off ‘till tomorrow what you can do today?”

Do you live by this philosophy? How do you go about life, and in what way do you run your real estate investment business?

Do you attack first and fast then ask questions later? Do you make a move and risk getting slapped on the hand every now and then? Do you throw spaghetti to the wall and see if it sticks then clean up the mess?

Or do you wait…

…and wait…

…and wait?

Do you think twice, twice? Are you the type of person who says “it’s not the right time” – all the time?

Maybe you you’re the kind of person who sees Proceed with Caution signs everywhere before you see opportunities. You make calculated decisions and precise plans before you act, always.

Meanwhile, others around you are doing deals and making money. (Ever think of it that way?)

So what are they doing differently than you? Are they smarter than you?…

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