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Inner Game

Breaking Through When You Hit a Wall (or Two)

wallWhat Every Runner Knows, That You Should Too

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Hitting the wall”? I’m sure you have. It’s most often used in the world of endurance sports such as cycling and running.

Hitting the wall is more than just a saying you’ve made progress, but reached a point where you’re not sure you can continue. It’s a very real physical experience that complete tests your limits. It’s caused by the depletion of glycogen stores in the liver and muscles, which manifests itself by sudden fatigue and loss of energy.

Runners describe not only a horrendous physical experience (your legs feel like Jell-O; your lungs are on fire), but also mental (you might forget where you are and what you’re doing).

As a real estate investor you can also hit a wall as you advance in your business. If you’re thinking it won’t happen to you, think again, bucko. It certainly will at some point, and believe me you don’t want to be caught by surprise when it happens. The more prepared you are for it mentally when you hit your REI “walls” (yes, there’ll probably be more than one for you) the more likely you’ll be to:

  • recognize it when it happens, and
  • push hard through it to the next level (whatever that looks like at the time)

Sean Terry Knows Walls

Over the years Sean Terry has executed hundreds of real estate investment transactions, cumulatively valuing around $120,000,000 to-date. And we’re talking across the spectrum: Residential properties, raw land development, and multifamily. Today Sean averages buying and selling around 7-10 properties a month – mostly either (i) wholesaling to cash buyers, or (ii) fixing & flipping turn-key, tenant-filled cash flow properties to investors all over the world.

But in spite of all the amazing success he enjoys today, it all came within a hair’s breadth of never happening at all. In fact Sean’s entire investing career has hung by a thin thread more than once.

As a former U.S. Marine, Sean is no stranger to hardship, pressing in, and making do. In his early years of RE investing, the guy cut his investing-teeth door knocking in order to find deals.

Friends and family called him dumb and told him it was impossible. They said it can’t be done.

As he pursued his dream people would ask him tauntingly: "So…You making any money yet?"

Then it happened – he finally landed his first deal, pocketed $11,000 in the process, and promptly quit his job to go into REI full time.

Then blam! Here came the wall! On his next (second) deal – serious, serious mistakes resulting in hitting a major wall and almost throwing in the towel completely. But he pressed through, broke through the way, and made it big.

Then, bam!...another wall. This time, he nearly lost it all and went belly up.

In today’s video lesson, Sean Terry will share these real-life stories with you, along with some keen insights into what it might look like and might happen when you hit your wall.

This is something worth paying attention to...

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So what do you think? Feel a little more prepared mentally for your own walls yet to come?

In the early years, you will definitely be tested on how bad you want this success you are seeking. Things can go wrong. You can make mistakes. Big mistakes. On the first few deals you may make several. These downturns can happen before the first deal; they can come on the second or third deal; and maybe even one or two more times before you break through and find your groove. But hang in there – success will come if you jump back up and keep on going.

Millions of dollars’ worth of deals later, Sean’s loud shout out to you is: DON’T QUIT!

For what it’s worth, this is not the first time we’ve gleaned some really phenomenal insights from Sean – he’s already shared a number of past lessons with us (see here), plus one of the best (in my opinion) Mogul live training calls we’ve ever broadcast (see here). 

Definitely worth checking out if you missed them before.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Press In For the First Deal – No matter what it takes, press in until you get that first deal. The first deal is a game changer. Don't give up 3 feet away from striking gold.

Avoid Making Excuses – When you hit a wall, it's easy to slip into excuse mode. To be safe, assume all walls are excuses until you see 100% proof otherwise. Find ways around, over, under, or through that wall. Or perhaps you need a new path entirely. Or like Neo in The Matrix, sometimes your best answer is to simply believe there is no wall.

Don’t Quit – Do, think, adjust, but don’t stop. Keep on keeping on. As Walt Disney famously challenged himself and everyone on his team – always resolve to, “Keep moving forward."

Keep Moving – Motion leads to momentum. So unlike those rides at Walt’s magical Kingdom, you should always refuse to come to a complete stop. And never ever exit the ride!

Read Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich – This book has been a world-changer and a mind-changer for millions. I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend that you read it and absorb it.

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