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Inner Game

Curing "Easy Button" Syndrome

button“Hey Kid - Wanna try some?  First hit is free.”

You know the pitch.  You find a new real estate website. The guy on the site is sitting on a beach, surrounded by beautiful women, and has his Lamborghini waiting for him in the background. 

He has a free ebook for you to download – just give him your email address.  The book will teach you how to become rich in real estate in three months, using none of your own money, even if you have bad credit.

You eagerly give your email.   The book instantly appears in your inbox.  It tempts you with riches.  But it doesn’t quite give you the complete picture.  There’s something missing.  You need a little more information.

And naturally that information is in the $499 expanded course the author is selling. 

Makes you wonder if the guy really got rich on real estate or selling courses?

pillEducation Can Be Like Crack

Just like drugs, all those information products can be incredibly seductive.  We all want to become incredibly rich while doing very little to get there.  It's a powerful desire.

And advertisers prey on powerful desires.

Don’t get me wrong.  ‘Guru courses’ can provide some excellent information, or they can be a bunch of horse hockey – and everything in between.  Educating yourself in a healthy manner is essential to becoming wealthy.  The trick is to figure out which courses will really help you, and which ones are a waste of money.

In today's lesson, Mogul’s own JP Moses starts a discussion about how to find the right courses for you, and how to avoid paying for stuff you won’t use.  He talks about what you really need to do to get your real estate business growing and generating wealth.

So watch and enjoy.  Then use what you learn to grow your business and your wealth.

From JP Moses, Director of Awesomeness…

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Create a Plan – Without a plan for conducting your business, you will be tempted to buy every real estate info product that you see.  Decide what type of investing you want to do, and come up with a plan on how you will run it.

Evaluate Information Products Based on Due Diligence, Not on Fear – Once you have your plan in place, ask yourself 'what education should I seek to move my plan forward?' If someone pitches the latest new technique to you but it doesn't line up with your plan, politely decline to purchase.

Take RELENTLESS Action – This is where so many would-be investors fail.  Many newbies buy tons of courses but never implement what they learn.  If you have crafted your plan well, and invested in the education to make that plan happen, go forth and conquer!

Interact with Us – You will see sections below to both ask questions and provide feedback.  Please take advantage of it.  We want to help you succeed, and what you ask may also help others.

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