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Inner Game

Done Vs. Perfect - How Perfectionism Is Ruining You

Ever hear sayings like these when you were a kid?

Practice makes perfect.

Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.

Do it right or don’t do it.

I think we all have. Such sayings shape the way we view and handle our business operations. Basically, there’s nothing wrong with striving for quality – that is, unless such a goal gets out of kilter….

Meaning the drive for perfection could become an obsession; and that obsession could cause you to waste time and energy and lose your focus. It may be that the little details you’re striving to perfect could amount to little or nothing in the vast scheme of things.

To help set us on the right path, we have the "Red-Headed Rehabber" Bob McIntosh on our side. Here’s already provided us some awesome lessons, which you should definitely check out.

In today’s video lesson, he’s going to share a little-talked-about concept that’s sure to change the way you look at how you run your own business.

Breaking the “Perfection Barrier”

Bob is full-time rehabber who effectively and efficiently runs a thriving and highly profitable rehabbing business in multiple markets. In order to do so, he had to understand the concept of how to break free of what he calls the “Perfection Barrier.”

No, this isn’t a license for sloppy work or careless business practices. On the contrary, this video lesson is going to point you in the direction of higher production levels – and ultimately to a greater profit margin.

You may be caught in the trap of perfectionism and not even have a clue that you are. This video lesson will surely be a terrific, eye-opening experience.

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Check your daily work patterns. Do you spend too much time attempting to perfect something that can never be perfect?

Change your focus and spend the greatest amount of time on tasks that help to turn a profit; as opposed to perfecting tasks that are inconsequential.

Understand the rate of diminishing returns by realizing that the more time spent in an attempt at perfection, the less value that task or project produces.

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