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Inner Game

Endurance - The Missing Ingredient in Your Mindset

Are you looking for instant gratification in investing? Do you have that ‘microwave mentality’?

Well friends, Steven Howell here to let you know that thinking that way causes major problems in your business. I know because I’ve experienced it personally, and I see it time and time it again with my coaching students.

Instead, what you need is this 1 key ingredient…

So I’m sharing with you what it is and 2 specific and practical ways to use this ingredient to help transform your business – including how to implement it right away.

Adding this key ingredient to your mindset arsenal and taking action on it can have a huge positive long-term impact on you and your business.


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If you’re ready to build skills and master techniques and strategies – I strongly encourage you to begin that path with an endurance mindset. I know you can do it!

How Do You Endure?

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Add the idea of endurance to your mindset and implement it in your business practices.

Master one investing strategy at a time before moving on to another.

Focus on building and mastering new skillsets: marketing, negotiating, building rapport, etc.

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