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Inner Game

Excuses or Deals: Which Have You Got?

 excusesFrom JP Moses...

No matter what the excuse is – no matter how legit it sounds or feels to you – no matter how many people around you confirm what an awesome excuse you have for lackluster results, it’s not enough.

You hear me? It's not enough.

I know this guy named Billy Legendary.

Yes, that’s his real name. He legally changed it to that. It's a long story.

Anyways Billy wanted to get into real estate investing so bad it hurt. Only thing is, he’s completely blind. No, not "legally blind"…I mean 100%, flat out blind, as in all he sees is blackness.

Did it stop him?  Nope. Sure, it slowed him down…but never, not once did he tell me he wasn't sure how he could make this real estate investing thing really work for him sans functioning eyes. Not once.

It took him a few years, but he eventually carved out a nice little profit niche for himself in the mobile homes arena.  With no freaking eyes!

Winners don’t have excuses…just annoying obstacles…

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