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Inner Game

Finding Your Own "Highest and Best"

todayHi there, Moguls. Many of you wrote in with positive feedback and wanted to hear more from “10 Hour Wholesaler,” Justin Wilmot.

You want him? We got him!

In today’s video lesson, he’s going to share what it takes to develop the proper mindset and run your business to the best of your ability – your own personal highest level of success.

But first, if you missed Justin’s previous awesome lesson and awesomer (yea, we made up a word) training call (definitely worth checking out by the way), then here’s a bit about Justin and his background…

He Came in Like a Wrecking Ball: Justin Wilmot

Justin destroyed the competition in the investing world starting with fix and flips and wholesaling HUDS. He’s a ‘lifestyle entrepreneur’ who quickly cracked the code on maximizing profit with minimal effort. Justin only spends about 10 hours a week running his investment business and spends the rest of the time on the passion that drives him – surfing.   

After coasting in the fast lane of success, Justin decided to start his own investment business where he coaches and mentors others. He does this all, of course, on the Florida coast between surf sessions. In fact, he’s mastered how to wholesale worldwide through his effective system that runs almost entirely on autopilot. (Please read any following italicized words in a Wayne and Garth voice. If you aren’t old enough to remember Wayne’s World, I apologize). Scha-weet!

It’s Party Time. Excellent.

So can you believe we get to watch a video lesson from the great surfer/investor, Justin Wilmot?

You: No Way!

Me: Way.

Together: Scha-wing! We’re not worthy. We’re not worthy…

Yes, way. It’s all totally true. And here are some key points he is going to cover in the video:

  • Digging Deep – Finding your inner truths that will cultivate your business system.
  • The Art of Talking to Yourself – Are you sitting down and having a conversation with yourself to get the answers you need?
  • The ‘Duh’ Moment – Customizing a system around your strengths and weaknesses to reach your business potential.
  • Needless Stupidity – Avoidance and denial kill success.
  • Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop – How you CAN make it happen by correcting how your brain thinks.
  • And much, much more silly and educational discourse!

Dude… I don’t know about you guys, but I am totally ready to enter his mind and find out how I reach my own personal level of success. If you care to come along, press play for today’s uber video lesson:

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Don’t Be Shy. We’re All Family

Who else out there has somethin’ they’d like to share? On subject? Off subject? Compliments? Suggestions? We’ll take it in the comments section below!


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Talk to your inner self.

Discover your strengths and weaknesses.

Ask yourself: How CAN I?

Customize a business model to achieve your personal level of success.


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