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Inner Game

Focus. That's It.

eyeHow many tabs are open in your Internet browser at this very moment?  Three? Five?  Ten?  If your answer is anything more than “one” or “two”, then you may be struggling read this lesson.

How many voices are speaking to you right now?  One from the radio?  Two from the television?  Three from text messages?  Four from email and social media?  If your answer is anything more than “one” or “two”, then you may struggle to hear the following video (which is very helpful).

And how many “priorities” are sitting at the very top of your “To Do” list?  Two for fundraising?  Four for rehabbing?  Six for legal and compliance?  If your answer is anything more than “one” or “two”, then you probably don’t have any real priorities at all...

…and that’s a shame, because you could be one of the greats.  Yes, although you may be wasting precious time as a frazzled and distracted “jack of all trades” (ie. “master of nothing”), you can still leverage your unique talents and achieve something truly remarkable…

…if you will only focus on what you do best.

Focus.  That’s It.

Focusing is one of the biggest challenges faced by entrepreneurs and other creative people on a daily basis.  In today’s interconnected world, confident and resourceful people often find it difficult to differentiate between what they “can” do and what they “should” do with their time…

…which invariably prevents such gifted people from focusing on their unique talents and maximizing their contribution to society.

jasonNew faculty member Jason Medley (aka. “The Money Man”) recently experienced this tragic lack of focus, and it caused him to feel quite frustrated and unproductive – until he got whipped into shape by some of his teammates in The Collective Genius mastermind group and joined us here at Real Estate Mogul.

Similarly, JP Moses (Mogul’s very own “Director of Awesomeness”) recently needed one of his own investing mentors to provide a similar reality check, essentially reminding JP that specialists will always outperform generalists in this life.

In today’s lesson, Jason and JP compare notes about the importance of FOCUS in their own careers, and they offer a similar “punch in the face” to anybody else who needs a reality check of their own!

Jason Medley and JP Moses Explain Why You Need to Focus…

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Know Your Enemy – Understand that “learning the art of FOCUS” is one of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs on a daily basis.

Use Strategic Creativity – Water your “seed” of creativity in a way that builds upon your core strengths, rather than always diverting your creativity to new areas.

Enjoy Accountability – Surround yourself with strong-willed accountability partners who will (i) monitor your ability to focus and (ii) proactively intervene when you get distracted.

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