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Inner Game

Get Out of Your Own Way!

wenchWhat’s the single largest fear that real estate investors (or any business owners, for that matter) have in common?

The fear of failure.

But, don’t panic. Steve Howell here with some good news for you: The fear of failure doesn’t have to dictate your professional life.

In today’s video lesson, I want to share a relatively basic concept that can have a profound effect on both your personal life and your business. It’s simply this: Get out of your own way!

Stop waiting for things to be perfect in order to move forward with your real estate investing business goals. See, the reality is, if you wait until you have the perfect website, the most professional and innovative marketing tools, or the ideal LLC, you will wait too long. And may never even start.

And, believe it or not, opening yourself up to the possibility of making mistakes is not a bad thing. I’ll explain why and how to use those experiences to learn and grow.

So, press play to learn more about setting aside your fears and delving into your real estate investing business…

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Are you ready?

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Master Marketing – You don’t need the fanciest of fancy marketing pieces, but you do need to invest some time and effort in this area. Work on some direct mailers or emails that you can send to potential buyers and sellers. Even if you’re not 100% satisfied with your first effort, get it out there! You can always work on improvements later.

Focus on the Income-Earning Tasks – One person can’t do it all. The same applies to your business. But if you track your income-making tasks on a daily basis (such as how many mailers/letters you’re sending, how many ads you’re posting, how many buyers/sellers you’re contacting, etc.), you will start to see patterns and areas for improvement.  

Face Your Fear of Failure – When you make a mistake, document it. You will be less likely to make it next time, and you’ll be a little bit smarter than you were before. It’s part of life – don’t be hard on yourself.

Don’t Lose Steam – You might not believe in yourself, at first, but you can do it! Keep working hard and making yourself vulnerable. Good things will happen when you put enough time and action into your business.   

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