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Inner Game

How FOCUS Can Make or Break You

Hey Moguls, Shaun McCloskey here…

I got a question from one of my coaching students recently and wanted to share it with you because it involves a thought process that can make or break your vision. 

My business partner Steve Cook and I have been teaching for years that having a vision is a crucial part of achieving success – not just in real estate investing but in your day-to-day life, overall goals and even within your family. A misdirected focus can inhibit reaching your goals almost more than not having a vision at all. Recently, Steve candidly shared about the power of focus in this terrific lesson and I highly recommend you check it out.

I remembered those great lessons (which you really should read!) when my coaching student sent me an email about how he is experiencing vision and thought process issues in his own life – he asked:

“Sometimes when things are going very well, I have a thought that I’d better enjoy it while I can because something bad is on the horizon. This thought process makes it to hard focus on just enjoying moments day-to-day. Do you experience this at all?”

My response to him was this…

Everyone has this to some degree, but this way of thinking can sabotage you from experiencing what you really want.

It could have to do with whatever vice a person has, or it could have to do with something you experienced at one point in your life. None of that matters… 

The first step is admitting that this is a lie. Once you’re able to identify it’s a lie, you can begin to “see” when this is coming and do something to change it.

Remember, you are what you focus on. 

Right now, you could choose to focus on the sounds in the room, the economy, the blood flowing through your left earlobe… it’s completely endless. Once you begin to focus on something that’s not empowering you, you have the choice to continue to focus on it. And when you do, it becomes BIGGER.

One time someone asked me to look around the room and find everything that is brown. They gave me a minute to do this and then said, “Now close your eyes.” Once I had my eyes closed, they then said, “Okay, now tell me everything that was in the room that was blue.” I couldn’t think of a single thing that was blue. When I finally opened my eyes again, I noticed that there was blue EVERYWHERE, I just didn’t see it before because I was so busy focusing on finding the brown. It’s like it wasn’t even there.

It’s a choice you make in every moment of every day…

So, are you going to be in charge of your choices? 

Or do you want something or someone else to be in charge of your choices? 

FocusRemember how you felt when your broker told you that you have to come into the office every day? You HATED that. You’re allowing your own mind to do the same thing by CHOOSING to focus on this.

The other side of the coin is this…

This thought pattern is serving you for some reason too. How is it serving you?  

For example, for a long time I had the limiting belief that I was too young to start my own business and therefore no one would want to work with me. The benefit of holding on to this belief (even though it doesn’t really seem like one) is that, as long as I believed this, I never actually had to get off my butt and go to work. I never had to try. Therefore, I could never fail at it either.

While this seems like a benefit, it’s really not, since what I really wanted was the freedom that came with being my own boss and running my own business. But I was letting this one little belief dictate whether or not I would actually do anything about it. 

That was my FOCUS at the time. And yes, it served me to some degree. But ultimately, it robbed me of the life I was really capable of living.

Make sense? Hope so.

What will you focus on?


What do you think?

Have you noticed how your focus changes results in your life?  How does it affect your vision? Share below how this concept has affected you in your own life. (By the way, this can affect you in both negative and positive ways.)


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Recognize that having a vision and goals help you focus your life – professionally and personally.

Focus on your goals.

Choose to be in control of your life and the choices you make.

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