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Inner Game

How to Heat Up Your Biz

Are you feeling like your real estate investing business just isn’t where it should be?

Maybe it’s a little cold… a little stagnant…

Well, I hear you, friend. I get it.

Hey Moguls, Steven Howell here today with a little encouragement in my video lesson.

I want to tell you to NOT to give up. I want you to persevere…

That doesn’t mean you’re not going to get frustrated from time to time – we’re human, after all. Life happens.

Heck, I’ve been there too. We all have. It took me a minute to get my REI business off the ground. And I had a lot of setbacks.

But I have some suggestions for you for when those obstacles and challenges get in your way.

This video lesson is quick and dirty, but helpful…

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You can do this. Start small. Focus on the next step and take action.

How do you get past challenges?

Tell us about it in the comments section below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Turn your frustration into motivation.

Figure out what skills you can improve on to get you through tough times.

Focus on your next step and be resourceful.

Pull back, analyze and be proactive going forward.

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