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Inner Game

Take Massive Action, Stay in the Fight and Fail Forward

fail forwardI have something very special and powerful to share with you at the end of this lesson. I hope you will take the time to really let it soak in. I believe it can have a remarkable impact on your success if you allow it to.

Too many real estate investors fail to reach their goals because they never get off the couch. Instead, they expect to reach the pinnacle of success by following the same tried-and-true pathway to poverty followed by those who give up before they've even gotten started.

In this lesson, I’m going to give you a short how-to – 3 quick tips that will show you how to improve your chances of succeeding.

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The Biggest REI Success Secret

In the years I've been successfully investing in real estate, I've learned – through trial and error – the biggest success secret imaginable. The funny thing is, it’s one of those secrets that’s sitting out in plain sight, kind of like when you misplace your wallet. You search high and low trying to figure out where it could be – with no success. Finally, guess where you find it? In the middle of the kitchen table.

The one thing that can take you where you want to be in real estate is this: Take action, even if it’s wrong. And regardless of what happens in the end, make sure the action you take is massive.


Massive Action=Massive Results

Instead of approaching real estate investing from a standpoint of fear and timidity, I go all-in, and you should, too. By taking massive action, you’re guaranteed to move yourself closer to the pinnacle of success.

Why Investors Don’t take Massive Action

There’s a simple reason so many investors don’t take massive – or any – action: Fear. They’re afraid of:

  • Failure
  • Making mistakes
  • Not knowing what to do when something unexpected happens

I’m not going to sugarcoat this. If you take massive action, you could fail. As a matter of fact, you could fail spectacularly. The flames from your crash and burn might even be visible from outer space.

So what?

Failure Isn't Your Enemy if You Fail forward

failing forwardYour mom or dad probably held onto the back of your bike when you were first trying to ditch the training wheels – to keep you from crashing. As long as they were hanging onto the back of the bike, you couldn't fail.

Guess what? You couldn't succeed, either.

You were still the kid with a parental caboose, who wasn't going to let you crash. It wasn't until you convinced your parents that you really wanted to ride that bike without their help that you elevated your bike riding game to the next level.

And that next level probably started with a spectacular crash.

And then, maybe another.

But each time you crashed, you learned something. You rode a little farther each time without crashing. Before long, you were riding with no hands.

So don’t be afraid to crash and burn – even if you crash spectacularly.

Consider it part of the necessary process of success. Ask anyone who’s made it big about how they got there, and I guarantee you an honest answer will be riddled with crashes, and some of them spectacular.

But make sure you fail forward, which means nothing more than this: Take away a hard-fought lesson that gets you closer to the success you seek. Each failure will give you little lessons about what works, what doesn't and what you can do differently next time. That is, if there is a next time…

Why You Must Stay in the Fight

fail forwardThe first time you fail, you might be tempted to give up the fight. Sometimes it’s before you've even really gotten started; other times it’s after a big failure.

The fact is failure hurts. But the reality is you’re never going to succeed in real estate or any other business endeavor if you’re not a fighter. You can’t step out of the ring the first time you get smacked in the head. If you do, you’ll never reach your goals.

Staying in the fight is going to force you to answer a question that only you can answer: “How bad do I really want it?”

Real estate investing doesn't guarantee you overnight success. You may have read a book that details how things are going to go in a specific situation.

Don’t. Go. There.

Real life investing never works out exactly the way the book says it will, much like a football play almost never works out exactly how the coach diagrammed it. The best football players start with a proven plan, move quickly into it, recognize the differences, take their hits and improvise by finding a way to make it work, in a battle of wills. When you do this, your investing career will prosper, once you understand that quitting isn't an option.

The Amazing Transformation of a Guy Who Didn't Give Up!

Now that you've heard me preach it, let’s see it in action.

Please watch this entire video. It’s not long, but very profound and really makes what I’m sharing with you here extremely tangible. You’ll be glad you did, trust me.



Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps
  1. Make a list of three things you will do this week to take massive action.
  2. For each, write down best-case and worst-case scenarios.
  3. Write down possible ways each of your massive negative actions (from above) could be avoided.
  4. Take the massive action indicated… this week!
  5. If you fail, fail foooorrrrrwaaaard!

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