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Inner Game

Take the Money and Run

robberyImagine knowing all the secrets that the ultra-successful investors know.  What could you do with all those secrets? 

Make gobs of money?

Put your real estate investments on warp drive?

Free up your time to spend with people you love?  In places you only dream about?

What about creating an all-in-one, sub-10 minute lesson for Real Estate Mogul?

Yeah...that’s not gonna happen.

We do like a challenge, but really?

All those secrets?  In one short recording?

If we could give out all those secrets right here, right now, Real Estate Mogul would be a pretty simple website. 

(And everybody would suddenly be a real estate expert!)

We can, however, give you one very important secret in this lesson – a secret that will move you closer to your goals in a shorter time.

sergioSergio’s Secret Sauce

Today’s lesson is pulled from a phenomenal conversation we recently enjoyed with Sergio DeCesare.  Sergio runs Loss Negotiations LLC – a South Florida real estate investment company that has been killin’ it in the industry for distressed home sales.

During his 25 years of successful dealmaking, Sergio has found some common themes.  In today’s lesson, he will explain what he considers to be his most important secret for maximizing profit

Everyone who has purchased a real estate investment has probably violated this secret at one time or another.

And violating it can cost you a TON of money.

Wouldn’t that be worth watching for just a few minutes?  The savings could be huge. 

Oh!  And let me give you one more reason to check-out this video:  The funny thing is, not only will Sergio’s secret maximize your profits, but it will also decrease the amount of work you have to do.

Yup.  “Mo’ Money, Less Work.”

That’s what I always strive for with my investments.  How about you?

The Success Secret of a 25-Year Real Estate Veteran…

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Pay Special Attention – Pay special attention to the examples in today’s video lesson, learning how to apply ‘Sergio’s Secret’ to your own real estate investing business.

Review – Review any past deals you have done, to see (i) if you have violated this secret and (ii) how much more money you could have made.

Incorporate – Incorporate what you learn from this video into the planning for all your current and future deals, to increase your profits and decrease your workload.

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