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Inner Game

The #1 Sneaky Thing Derailing You from Hitting Your Goals

sneakyOkay, you’re good at setting goals – you got that down pat. But somehow you keep getting stuck. Your goals are out there, but you get derailed along the way.

What’s the problem?

Well, in this Mindset Monday lesson, I’m going to answer that question loud and clear.

Yep, Steven Howell here, new Mogul Faculty Advisor at your service!

And I’m hopeful (and confident) that listening to my experience and helpful info in today’s video lesson will absolutely guide you to getting on the right track.

Steven Howell, Pleased to Meet You

My emphatic message to all Moguls is this:

“If I can succeed as an entrepreneur, so can you.”

So my real estate investing business got off to a slow, sluggish start, after which, I admit that I made about every mistake in the book.

Desperately wanting to make my career a success, I flat out quit my 9-to-5 and jumped in with both feet.

And then proceeded to sink!

After months and years of struggling, and thousands of hours and dollars spent in the process with little to show for it, I finally started to put two and two together and got some traction going.

With the help of a good mentor, I went on to produce over $160,000 in real estate wholesale profits within my first 18 months of going full time.

So, what turned my sluggish start into a fast-paced, action-filled, successful business?

That’s exactly what I’m telling you about in this video lesson.

Can you relate?

You, too, are eager and ready to make a go of this business. You have your goals list ready. You have your eye on the prize. But it’s just not happening...

Well, I’ve got the key to correcting your derailment right here.

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Steven Says…

Remember, this, my new Mogul friends:

Building a real sustainable business does not happen overnight, despite who tells you that. It takes hard work, sacrifice and unending determination. Building a successful business is a journey.

I outlined one leg of that journey in this video lesson – an excellent place to start.

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Conquer your fear of the unknown.

Cease spending endless hours studying and taking courses.

Apply the knowledge that you’ve gained so far into your business now.

Realize you will never know it all.

Take massive action and learn from your mistakes (this is the best teacher).

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