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Inner Game

This Mindset Led to My Biggest Income Month Ever

Want to hear a great story?

It’s about how I had one of the most profitable months of my career… but getting there was not easy.

Hey Moguls, Steven Howell here, and my story is also about perseverance and being resourceful.

I had this great idea for a marketing campaign… but I started getting discouraged because it was taking sooo long to put this thing together.

And in the meantime my sales began dropping…

Then the questions from my family and friends came at me…

And the self-doubt started…

It was a challenging time for me. But, my story does have a happy ending.

Press play to learn how I turned this all around… and what I learned from it all.

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Remember, consult mentors when needed. Do your due diligence and research. Good things take time, but see them through…

You can make this work, too. You’ll get knocked down, like the rest of us, but just get back up and move forward.

How do you get past your self-doubt?

Share with us in the comments section below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Push past fear.

Take action to continue moving you forward.

Do the hard work, even when no one is looking.

Be flexible when needed.

Seek wise counsel.

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