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Inner Game

What Does “No” Really Mean?

RejectionHiya, guys. So if you been with us a while here at Mogul, you know how much we emphasize nurturing your “inner game.” Actually, it’s probably safe to say that if you don’t have a healthy mindset then you’re pretty much gonna suck at investing (sorry!).

So how do you get a non-sucky mindset?

Well today, we’re going to show you by talking about how what you think might be rejection really just means you need to ask more questions, apply the charm and polish your problem-solving skills. These simple mentality hacks we’re going to share with you can help you close a ton of deals that you would’ve otherwise missed out on.

What do we mean? We’ll get to the specifics of that in a minute. First, we’ve got something really cool to tell you…

We have a brand spankin’ new Mogul expert to introduce to you for today’s lesson. Ready to meet him? Of course you are!

Please give a warm welcome to Ken Spohn.

He’s New. He’s Shiny. He’s Ken Spohn

So who’s our new guy? Well, he’s pretty much just like Barbie’s Ken. I think they may have modeled the doll after him or something because, well, he looks just like him and his name is also Ken (coincidental? I think not!).

And listen to the rest of his Ken-like perfectness…

  • Ken has more 18 years of experience in the real estate investing industry. That pretty much makes him a B.O.S.S.
  • He specializes in commercial, residential and foreclosure acquisitions and has bought and sold 150+ properties. About 80% of these were wholesale properties.
  • Ken has also obtained a Black Belt in karate and owned/operated his own studio for almost 9 years (so dreamy!).
  • Ken has taken businesses that were distressed and turned them around to profitability. He is versed in the construction industry as he worked in various trades throughout his early career in real estate.
  • He has also been a professional bike racer and achieved many awards throughout his life in karate and bike racing competitions.
  • Ken currently runs multiple real estate websites, consulting for major software projects, and is a business and life coach helping others.

Geez… No wonder he never gets rejected, right? Haters don’t be hatin’! I think we might want to listen to some of his advice about karate-chopping rejection. Are you guys game? Okay then, press play, friends…

Press Play

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What Say You?

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Tell your “mini voice” to shut up!

Ask more questions to discover truth.

Negotiate with confidence.

Turn a “No” into a “Yes.”

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