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Inner Game

What's Your Routine When Things Go Wrong?

wrongWhen things don’t go the way you planned… or a problem arises unexpectedly… or someone in your family gets sick... or you miss a huge deadline…

What do you do? How do handle it? Do you have a game plan to deal with it?

Look, life ain’t easy…

And just because something didn’t go your way, life is still going to keep moving on. And you must too.

Steven Howell here for today’s video lesson, where I share with you 2 specific challenges that I went through and how I was able to bounce back.

You can probably relate to what I’m sharing. I think this will really hit home. Watch and learn, friends…

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Well, I hope my stories and suggestions have inspired you. Don’t let life knock you down – with my suggestions and a game plan, you should be able to learn from what happened, get back up and jump back in it.

Care to Share?

How do you come back from a challenge or failure? Share in the comments section below.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Make sure you have a plan to get back up when life knocks you down.

Spend some alone time reflecting on the challenge and how you can move forward.

Talk it out with a friend, colleague or counsel – perhaps they can share some ideas with you or simply listen.

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