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Investing Strategies

Opening Your Seller's Kimono With One Sentence

Hey Moguls… you’re in for a terrific video lesson today from the one and only Franklin Cruz (aka The Real Estate Drill Sergeant).

I’m just gonna say it – most people suck at listening. Yeah, you hear stuff, but you’re not tuned in and really listening to what people are trying to say to you. And truly listening is uber important in the REI industry. To knock deals out, you’ve gotta remember that it’s not about you – it’s about them, their property, their circumstances, their situation – so you’ve gotta listen.

In this awesome video lesson, Franklin unleashes the art of powerfully listening. He goes into this negotiating technique in great detail and tells you exactly how you can apply it to your REI deal – now.

Franklin shows us how listening and responding appropriately can actually prompt the seller to start to show a bit of skin and begin to provide you with valuable information you need to lock in a deal. It’s really something so basic that is often overlooked.

Why We   untitled.png   Franklin

Franklin is a full-time real estate investor, army veteran and family guy. He’s the Managing Member of Bentley Private Fund, which is a very successful real estate investment firm. Since starting in REI 14 years ago, this guy has racked up loads of accolades and experience that includes mentoring, publishing books and even starting an REI training academy and a non-profit organization.

Franklin’s true passion and purpose is empowering real estate investor's to succeed and never give up. They don’t call him the REI Drill Sergeant for nothing.

Are You Listening?

In this special video lesson our very own Director of Awesome, JP Moses, and Franklin try their hand at an Oscar with a little role playing. (No, not that kind, geez!) They put on their actor hats to play out a scenario to help teach you about strategic questioning and listening.

A little silliness ensues, but IT’S mostly a ton of useful info for you and your REI business.

Franklin is a ninja negotiator and he has already provided us tons of useful info. Make sure you check out his previous awesome lessons and his kick-butt training call.

Oh, and make sure you… LISTEN!

Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Pay Attention – Forget you script of questions when talking with a seller and really focus on what they’re saying.

Be Patient – The goods may not come your right away, but stay with it, keep asking useful questions and paying attention, and the truth will come.

Listen – Hone in on the seller’s answers, intently listen to what they’re telling you, then listen and listen some more.

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