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Investing Strategies

Stroking the Seller: Repeat, Approve, Respond

strokingWe have a superb lesson today from one of our superb Mogul faculty members. Negotiation master Bill Twyford is sharing some incredibly helpful reflective listening tips with us.

He talks about his negotiating approach: “Repeat, Approve, Respond.”

It’s designed to help you accomplish 3 important things:

  1. Make the seller feel heard and understood;
  2. Make them feel approved of; and
  3. Allows you to stay in control of the conversation.

Not only does Bill explain how to use this method, but he tells why it’s so important for REIs to use. Bill reminds us to slowwwww down when we’re talking because it’s not what we say, the key is how we say it.

Look, if you’re talking to a seller and they think you’re not listening, they probably won’t wanna work with you. It’s not just listening though, how you hear and interpret the information is also important - what you heard vs. what the seller thinks they said to you can make a potential deal go south, quickly.

The Negotiating Ninja

Having experience as a realtor and an investor, Bill says the difference between earning good money and great money is the way in which you speak. And he has the goods to back that up…

He and his wife/business partner Dwan have taught and coached thousands of REIs to excel and succeed in this industry. They’ve closed more than 2000 transactions, appeared on national TV shows, written two books and are regularly featured in two REI magazines.

Bill’s info is super valuable, so you’ve gotta make sure to check out his previous Mogul lessons and an awesome training call we had recently.

And, you can actually start using this method right now by listening carefully to this video lesson…

Get a pen and paper handy too because Bill gives us examples of how to handle certain conversations using this method – word for word – in a question/answer scenario. And, Mogul head honcho JP even jumps in and offers some excellent examples as well. Oh yeah, these are good, so tune in!

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Learn the ‘Repeat, Approve, Respond’ Method: Knowing this method will make it so much easier for you to make deals. Learn it.

Use It – Ok, you probably knew this one was coming… after you learn the method, put it in play to help you find leads and close deals.

Extra Credit Video – Watch Bill’s video to gain even more insight into his awesome method.

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