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Investing Strategies

The Art of Firing Contractors – How It's Done

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goodHere at Real Estate Mogul, we have the privilege of interacting daily with some of the real estate industry’s most respectable contractors.

Most of these talented men and women are consummate professionals, who take justifiable pride in a job well done…

…and humble bloggers like us hold a deep appreciation for their conscientious expertise across such a broad spectrum of renovation-related topics.  (Thank-you for all you do!)

But we know that we are spoiled.  We know that most folks – including many of you reading these words – are not surrounded by such a high concentration of respectable contractors each day.

Yes, every industry has its fair share of “bad apples”, and the real estate business is no exception… So we hear our fair share of horror stories about the unprofessional contractors – the disappointing minority who attempt to take unfair advantage of Mogul’s 13,000+ members.

And it absolutely breaks our hearts.  (Truly.)  We hate to see our friends and members suffer from negligent contractors in the same way that we hate to see our children suffer from negligent dentists.

badWhat to Do?

The heartbreaking question that arises most often from these painful situations is this: “What am I supposed to do with my unprofessional contractor?”

Indeed, dealing with contractors who don’t get er’ done seems to be a tricky situation for many investors.

So we sought advice from our in-house rehabbing extraordinaire, Bob McIntosh, who has a long history of providing superb renovation-related advice for us at Mogul.  Fortunately, Bob agreed to expound on the subject of firing bad contractors in today’s lesson.

Check-out the following video lesson for Bob’s explanation about why and how to “Donald Trump” their lazy butts!

The Red-Headed Rehabber Explains…

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Always keep a list of contractors for replacements. The quickest way to find a replacement is to contact one of the contractors that bid on the same work. If you come up empty-handed here, refer to your master list of Contacts – starting with the most recently used contractors. If all else fails, search for new contacts and recommendations.

Retrieve your key before you fire them! Make sure to always keep an accurate key count.

Bring a lean waiver and your checkbook with you.  On the day you fire a contractor, be sure to make them sign a lean waiver – affirming that you paid them – then write their check.

Escort them out of the building. Let them know its business, not personal. Protect your property investment.

Change any lock boxes right away. If you can change the code on your lock boxes, do it right away. If you use lockboxes with a fixed code; it is time to use the extra lockbox, or rotate them. It is a good idea to keep an extra lockbox handy and rotate them on a regular basis.

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