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My Sneaky “Facebook Stalker” Trick (I.E. Instant Credibility)

Hey Moguls, Alex Pardo here, and I’m about to share with you a sneaky, yet effective method that will gain you instant credibility with any motivated seller, cash buyer or agent.

But before we get into it, let’s modify that title to “The Sneaky, Covert Facebook Method to Gain Instant Credibility.” aka T.S.C.F.M.T.G.I.C.

The word “stalker” creeps me out a bit, but hey, it got ya to read the lesson right? ;)

Facebook Has Taken Over

Okay, so everyone and their grandmamma is on Facebook right? I mean seriously, my 76-year-old grandmother is on it. She has no idea how to turn on the computer, but she’s got a Facebook profile.


Whatever makes her happy, God Bless her.

Anyway, why not use this revolutionary tool to stalk (I mean learn) more about anyone you are scheduled to meet with?

Track with me here a minute...

If you’re like me, then you send out a gazillion postcards and your phone is blowing up all the time. (Hopefully it’s not your cell phone though, and hopefully you’re leveraging a 24-hour recorded message or have someone else taking the calls. You are, right?!)

So, calls are coming in every other minute and as a result, you or your Lead Manager identifies some serious motivation with a handful of sellers and the appointment is set.

Bingo! Time to get that deal under contract.

So, what do most investors/wholesalers do? They “run the numbers,” check out the comps and head to the appointment with a contract in hand, eager as can be. The experienced ones will drive the comps and bring along a credibility package – cool as a cucumber, I tell ya.

Enter, My Trick

Now, the ones leveraging my T.S.C.F.M.T.G.I.C. trick will do this first, though:

  1. They will log into their Facebook account before the meeting.
  2. They will then copy/paste the seller’s email into the search bar and do some ninja research to find out if the seller on title has a Facebook profile.
  3. That’s it. Job done. Magic made. Mischief managed.

FBWhat, you were expecting more?

Okay, hang on a sec. Look up and to the left... Seriously, do it...

No, not on your screen, I mean literally above your head there…

Okay, now wait a few seconds...

BAM! There it is! 

LIGHT BULB: Most sellers, cash buyers, and/or agents have a Facebook profile, so why not see if you can look it up, and get a better idea on the person’s interests, hobbies, what they post, what they like, etc.

Think about it. It’s intel you can use to make a connection.

Rapport Building 101: Find a way to make some kind of personal connection with the other person and make sure to not only establish that connection, but milk it for all it’s worth.

Your seller’s apparently a “cat person”? Now you are too.

Seller’s got pics of their boy playing T-ball? Your awesome nephew also plays T-ball, and you’re about to make sure it comes up in conversation.

Get it?

I can learn more about a person looking at their Facebook profile, than I can in a 5-minute conversation with them. Especially someone you are speaking to for the first time who is probably wondering who you are and what you want.

Leverage the Heck Out of This

Don’t enter a meeting without trying to quickly Facebook-stalk the person to see what kinds of genuine, personal connections you can make in your meeting.

You want to get them feeling positive, enthusiastic and happy… making these connections helps do just that. It puts them on the same table as you in a small way, before the negotiations have even started – or at least before they’re aware of it. ;)

Now, some profiles might be set to private, and that’s okay. This method will work about 70% of the time, but when it does…

credibleInstant credibility.

I’ve been fortunate enough over the past few years to surround myself with a team of Rock Stars who do most of the heavy lifting. I haven’t personally spoken to, or met with a seller in at least a few years, but guess what strategy I used on the last appointment I went on?



I quickly learned that the seller I was about to meet with was OBSESSED with Motocross, and racing anything that had wheels. I’m talking dangerously obsessed. Every single picture he had on his page was about Motocross and racing. He did have some family pics, but only like 2, and one of them looked like that happy couple type black-and-white pic that comes inside a new frame you buy.

Odd, I know.

So when your boy knocked on the door and sat down at the kitchen table, guess what we ended up rapping about for the first 15 minutes?

Motocross. BOOM.

Mind you, I don’t know the first thing about Motocross, but Wikipedia and Google told me everything I needed to know right before the meeting, and I gleaned just enough to gain some instant, sweet, gooey credibility with the seller.

If you gain nothing from this lesson, get this one thing:

People do business with people they LIKE and trust.

And no, I don’t mean Facebook “Like” – I mean they have to actually like you in real life.

Be likeable and your income goes up.

Long story short, I got the deal, we closed less than a month later and made just over $16k on the deal.

Not bad. Thanks Motocross. Honorable mention to Google and Wikipedia.

So what’s the take-away here?

Go learn about Motocross!

Just kidding, of course.

Go use The Sneaky Covert Facebook Method To Gain Instant Credibility!

I’m Listening

Comment below and let me know what you think.


Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps

Make sure you Facebook stalk every seller to gain useful information.

Use that useful information in your seller meeting to help build rapport and trust.     

Get the deal, close, make some money and thank FB.


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