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REI Tech

Sneaky Little Website Trick That Automates Cash Buyers & Private Lenders

automate all the thingsAnyone who's ever read (or even heard of) Michael Gerber's E-myth already understands pretty well the immense value of working on your business rather than in it, as much as possible.

But sadly few real estate investors have been able to crack that code.

And mainly this is because it can be so darn hard to figure out how to really systematize, pull yourself out of the process and automate all the cogs in the real estate investing wheel. Can I get an amen?!?

But rest assured, it's a code that can be cracked -- and of course if you can learn from those who've already done it, why the heck not???

So today we're going to learn from mogul tech guy Trevor Mauch about a simple, but super cool little trick for automating cash buyers and private lenders on your real estate investing website.

He learned it from a big virtual wholesaler in Tacoma who's done around 600 to 800 wholesale properties, all in Pittsburgh. It's beautiful, elegant and pays off big for him.

From Tech Advisor Trevor Mauch

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Do It To It! Immediate Action Steps
  • Create your value/mindshare system. Lay out your own process for courting your local buyer and/or lender leads with weekly education.
  • Scale personal attention. Consider fully automating the process the same way Trevor and DJ did.
  • Got a website? Obviously you need a real estate investing website to take action on this. If you don't have one yet, consider the full suite of awesome and easy website templates include within the very robust Freedomsoft REI system. Or if you just need a simple place to get started with a single website, check out Trevor's REI Theme.

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