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Facebook Marketing for Real Estate Investors

facebook, you're doing it wrongSo…ever heard of “The Facebook”? 

Ha, I know. Dumb question, right? Unless you’ve been living on another planet for the past few years, then you’re probably keenly aware of Facebook and its colossal, undeniable impact – not only on the interwebs, but offline in our culture as well. 

Clearly Facebook is here to stay for a while, and chances are you not only have your own FB account (heck, my parents do, so we’ve clearly reached the tipping point :-)

…But you probably also spend far more time than you’re comfortable admitting piddling around there, looking at cute cat pictures, funny videos, what your high school friends ate for lunch, and far too much armchair political outrage.

Am I right or am I right?

{Mogul Elite: In the Power Pack tools for this lesson, you can download an MP3 of my private conversation with Joe McCall, in which I ask hm to reveal specifically how he's using Facebook to buy houses. Awesome stuff. Check it out.}


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