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REI Tech

How to Fill & Sign Docs on Your iPhone or iPad

lolzA Tech Tip From Faculty Jamel Gibbs...

Imagine you've put together solid deal with an above-average payday attached to it. And like a boss, you've slipped away with your family for a little pre-closing R&R in Nowheresville, Montana.

Out of the blue, your phone beeps – a new email just popped in. Still smiling at something one of your kids said, you peek at the message, and your blood runs cold.

It seems your agent needs a document filled out STAT. And it’s got to be signed and returned by the end of the business day today, or the deal you expertly put together for the last three weeks will completely dissolve – along with your expected $30K windfall.

Now imagine two different outcomes to this nightmarish scenario:

  1. In the first, your little vacation comes to a screeching halt as your feverishly search for an Internet café in the middle of Montana so you can (hopefully) print the document, fill it out, sign it, and fax it back to your agent before your hot deal wafts away in a puff of smoke.Not…

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