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How to Turn Your iPhone Into a Doc Scanner

jotnotSo let me ask you, when's the last time you looked at your mobile phone as something you simply make phone calls with?

It may feel like ages, but truthfully it wasn't that long ago. The term "smartphone" did not appear until 1997 (thanks Ericsson!) and Mr. Jobs debuted the first iPhone in only 2007. 

But without question, our "smartphones" have become one of today's most powerful business tools, haven't they? I ask myself all the time how I got along without mine for so long. 

Today's "App for That"...

So today's tech tip stems from a recent chat with our faculty and very clever investor Cody Sperber, as he shared how he's turned his iPhone into an instant doc scanner.

We’ve all tried to use our camera phones to capture receipts, notes and other documents, but far too often crummy image quality and weird angles can make them hard to use...and once you use the camera, getting the image where you want it to go can be a momentary hassle.

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