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The Google Myth: Why 'Page 1' Shouldn't Be Your Main Goal

welcome Hey guys, we have Trevor Mach back with us again. Trevor is our in-house website and search engine optimization expert. Trevor has shared a ton of information with us over the years, including all these awesome lessons plus a fantastic training call.

Today, Trevor’s going to debunk one of the biggest myths about Google that most people tend to believe. It’s the idea that being on page one of Google is where it’s at.

Don’t be sucked in by this myth. It’s kinda sorta true – but not really – and Trevor’s going to explain why.

He’s going to make it super clear as to what your actual goal should be in optimizing your website so you can be found by visitors who are searching for you and your services through Google.

So, without further adieu, let’s hand off to Trevor...

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